Nordic Steel Construction Conference 2009

The Nordic Steel Construction Conference is a conference with a history going back to 1970, when the first Nordic Steel Construction Conference was arranged in Stockholm. Since then, the conference has been on tour in the Nordic countries.

Following this forty year old tradition, the eleventh Nordic Steel Construction Conference, NSCC2009, was arranged in Malmö on September 2-4 2009 as a joint venture between The Swedish Institute of Steel Construction (SBI) and Luleå University of Technology (LTU). The conference attracted 126 participants representing both academia and industry from all parts of the world and 85 papers was presented covering different aspects related to steel construction.

We, who were present in Malmö, heard and saw many interesting presentations given by distinguished professors as well as by young PhD-students about topics such as bridges and archers, columns and shells, welds and bolts and beams and dreams. Those who were not present can find all papers presented at the conference in the proceedings from NSCC2009.

As a representative for the organizing and technical committees I would like to take the opportunity to thank all attendants in NSCC2009 for your contributions to the high quality of the papers, the interesting discussions and to the warmth and friendly atmosphere at the conference. I would also like to express our gratitude for the support from the conference sponsors as well as for all the review work contributed by the professors in the scientific committee.

We in the organizing and technical committees believe that the main purpose with a conference like NSCC2009 is to connect people, and we hope that we were able to give the attendants the opportunity to do that – to connect. Next time you can connect at the Nordic Steel Construction Conference will be in Norway 2012.

Until then – may the force be with you!
Ove Lagerqvist